About Us

 Our Mission
To educate and inspire under privileged children of the society to become  constructive citizens, equipped with high moral and ethical values and the required skills to lead a benificial life.

 Our Syllabus
Our syllabus has been designed while keeping in view the background and special needs of our students. The first priority being to teach children how to read and write. Subjects taught at the pre-school of OSCS are: Math, English, Urdu and Islamic Studies. Other subjects are added as students get promoted to higher classes. Besides core subject, Quranic Recitation, General Knowledge, Duas, Aadaab (good Manners),Arts & Crafts and Vocational Training are also taught to students.

 Our Teachers

OSCS provides a wonderful platform to Volunteer Teachers. Good salaried teaching jobs are also available here. OSCS teachers are well qualified and experienced in their fields. Regular training sessions are arranged to enhance their skills. Our teachers work hard in setting up class rooms that would meet the standards of a good quality school.

 Our Location
Based in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, our schools are currently functioning at three different locations. The premises for the first and main branch of OSC was graciously given by the Federal Directorate of Education in an FG School building in F-11 Islamabad. Other branches are in New Lalazar, Rawalpindi and I-8 sector of Islamabad.

 Our Sponsors
The school is supported by people who care for the less fortunate in our society. People who visit the school usually want to sponsor children here as they see the results infront of them. Students can be sponsored through cash of Rs.800/- per month. This amount covers all expenses including books, stationary, uniforms, shoes etc.

For donation please use.
Account number: 03040101736462
Meezan Bank
F-10 Markaz Islamabad, Pakistan
Thanks & JazakAllah
How can you support

 Sponsor a Child @ Rs. 1000 for Education + Rs. 1000 for Lunch per month     Fill up the sponsorship form and send us via email or post (Includes all expences i.e. Books, Tuition, and Uniform)

 Work at OSCS

 Donate Used Educational materials

  Open a branch in your own locality